xea services, web and mobile custom solutions

 who we are

XEA Services Corp. is an award winning web and mobile software development shop based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Our focus is providing software solutions to our clients, and ensuring we are there to support them after implementation. Quality is inherent in everything we do, from the design of a screen to the implementation of a complex workflow. The quality and attention to detail is there because our customers should expect nothing less. Our successes with our clients are achieved by understanding their needs, being agile and consistently delivering software that works and is easy to use.


We live and breathe mobile and web development. We understand what good software is; from the technical aspects to the user experience. Not only will we provide you with solid working software, but we will make it look good as well. Check out our design services to show you what we mean.

If you are interested in having great software built, contact us today.